PetroCap is an energy private equity firm founded in 1992. Our focus is to invest as a working interest partner in conventional and unconventional upstream projects. We target onshore development projects that require $25 million to $75 million of net investment. Unlike traditional private equity that invests in your company, PetroCap invests as a working interest partner in your project. PetroCap brings substantial technical and financial experience to the project as our team is composed of industry professionals specializing in geology, engineering, land and finance.

Asset Profile

  • Operated properties
  • U.S. Onshore
  • Conventional or Unconventional
  • PetroCap can own majority working interest
  • PetroCap’s net investment is $25-75 million

Partner Profile

  • Invests alongside as working interest partner
  • Identified assets are in-hand or have clear line-of-sight for acquisition
  • Technically proficient
  • Incentivized through back-in interests that are earned after project returns reach investment hurdles